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dr wheels

dr wheels Vs carbon wheels It’s said that the most important part of any bike is its wheels. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, a beginner, or something in the middle, the type of wheels you choose can make a big difference in your bike’s performance, so it’s important to understand the different types available. One […]

Spoke flange diameter

Unraveling the Mystery of Spoke flange diameter: What You Need to Know Understandably, when it comes to bike maintenance, you may not be so familiar with technical jargon such as spoke flange diameter. However, this does not mean that understanding spoke flange diameter is not important. Knowing spoke flange diameter is an important component of […]

large frame mtb

The design of a mountain bicycle has evolved drastically over the years. Recently, manufacturers have begun to produce mountain bikes that feature larger frames. With their larger frames, large frame mtb’s are becoming increasingly popular amongst mountain biking enthusiasts. They offer a few advantages that smaller frames do not, such as increased stability, better handling, […]