O.L.D. (over locknut distance)

It isn’t easy to find reliable information about a bike hub, especially about the over locknut distance (O.L.D). It’s important to know the correct measurements of a bike hub before attempting to install it. Here is a comprehensive guide about hub O.L.D. information and all the key considerations you should take into account.

The O.L.D. of a bike hub is a very important factor when deciding the compatibility of the hub. It’s the distance between the two dropouts, or locking nuts around the hub axle. The dropouts are essentially two threaded slots situated at either side of the hub where your wheel axle drops into, and the locking nuts secure the wheel to the frame of the bike.

Some bikes use different spacing between the locking nuts, and it’s important to determine the correct O.L.D. distance in order to select the appropriate hub. When in doubt, your bike hub should be measured to ensure a correct fit.

Generally, front hubs will measure either 100mm or 110mm and rear hubs can measure 130mm, 135mm, or 142mm. It’s important to note that manufacturers may vary in the sizes they use. Sadly, incorrect measurements can result in a bike hub that won’t fit into the bike’s frame correctly. That’s why it’s so important to get the O.L.D. measurements right.

When considering its measuring sizes, the O.L.D. typically refers to the outside diameter of the hub. This can either be a straight measurement (as in a sealed bearing hub) or a combination of the threading and flanges of a cup-and-cone hub. It’s essential to take these factors into account when measuring your bike hub.

If you’re not sure of the O.L.D. of the hub, you should be able to find out the size from the manufacturer’s website. If the measurements are still inconclusive, try contacting a supplier or the bike’s manufacturer directly for assistance.

Overall, the O.L.D. information is essential to find out when shopping for a new bike hub. By using the correct measurements for the bike’s frame, you can avoid incorrect measurements and ensure a perfect fit. As long as you take the time to measure your bike hub, and do some research, you should have no issue in selecting the right O.L.D. for your bike!

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